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I went to New Zealand and visited the Hobbiton in 2016. I loved it so much and I brought a Hobbiton hoodie at the shop. I wore it everyday. But a year later, my mom accidentally bleached it. I want to get the same hoodie and I can't travel for a bit since I'm immunocompromised after chemo/stem cell transplant. I also can't seem to find the same sweater anywhere. Is there a link to the online shop I want to see if they still have it and hopefully I can buy it. Fingers crossed.

Hi Cindy. Try the WETA shop online - you'll find a bunch there. However, unfortunately, some of the these products are exclusive to Hobbiton movie tour shop and won't be available online. But hopefully you can get there for next year once travel kicks off again! It's so much fun to visit in person.

Colour: BlackSmell: Chocolate, coffee, vanillaTaste: Roastieness, chocolate Intended to emulate the beer styles of Olde England, this dark ale has strong malty tones. With a balance of cocoa and coffee, our traditional ale is enough to beer hair on anyones feet.

Bree is an ancient settlement of men in Eriador, some 40 miles (64 km) east of the Shire. After the collapse of the kingdom of Arnor, Bree continued to thrive without any central authority for many centuries. As Bree lies at the meeting of two large roadways, the Great East Road and the long disused Greenway or Great North Road, it has for centuries been a centre of trade and a stopping place for travellers. When Arnor in the north waned, Bree's prosperity and size declined. Pipe-weed flourishes on the south-facing side of Bree-hill, and the Hobbits of Bree claim to have been the first to smoke it; travellers on the road including Dwarves, Rangers, and Wizards took up the habit when they visited the village on their journeys.[T 2] Directly west of Bree are the Barrow-downs and the Old Forest. Bree is the chief village of Bree-land, and the only place in Middle-earth where men and hobbits live side by side. The hobbit community is older than that of the Shire, which was originally colonized from Bree. By the time of The Lord of the Rings, Bree is the westernmost settlement of men in Middle-earth, and there is no other settlement of men within a hundred leagues of the Shire.[T 1] Tom Bombadil knows of Bree, saying in his metrical speech "four miles along the road / you'll come upon a village, / Bree under Bree-hill, / with doors looking westward."[1]

The Prancing Pony was Bree's inn. It served beer to locals, and provided accommodation and food to travellers. One of Eriador's major cross-roads was just outside the village: the meeting of the Great East Road and the Greenway. The inn was at a road junction in the centre of the village, at the base of the Bree-hill. The Prancing Pony was frequented by Men, Hobbits and Dwarves. Bucklanders from the Shire occasionally travelled to the inn. The art of smoking pipe-weed was said to have begun in Bree, and from The Prancing Pony it spread among the races of Middle-earth. The inn was noted for its fine beer, once sampled by Gandalf.[T 6] The building is described in The Lord of the Rings:

Men of Bree often used plant names as surnames, as with the character Bill Ferny. Barliman Butterbur's surname is the name of the herbaceous perennial Petasites hybridus. Tolkien described the butterbur as "a fleshy plant with a heavy flower-head on a thick stalk, and very large leaves." He evidently chose this name as appropriate to a fat man; he suggested that translators use the name of some plant with "butter" in the name if possible, but in any event "a fat thick plant".[T 9][9] Forenames too could be suggestive. The Tolkien scholar Ralph C. Wood writes that "Barliman" is descriptive, hinting at "the hops that he brews",[10] barley being the grain used to make beer.[11]

The Tolkien scholar Thomas Honegger writes that Bree functions "as a point of transition between the hobbit-homeland and the wide expanse of Eriador",[12] with its mixed population of hobbits and Men.


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