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Wealth Management

Financial Report

Financial Planning & Secured Investment

Having a secured steady income is important for many people at different stages of their lives. This is especially true for those facing major life changes like retirement and immigration. At Pinnacle View Group, we understand the financial needs and challenges faced by our clients during these special times. Hence, we have designed a range of investment vehicles based on our property development projects, where the investment capital is secured while yielding a healthy and stable return. We provide the investment structures of Private equity fund but with more flexibility that can fit our client’s needs. These investments are suitable for those who are looking for a diversified portfolio that earns a reasonable return with minimum risk exposure. Contact us to find out how we can help you plan your finances and secure a more prosperous future. Please review our brochures for more details.

Global Tax Planning and Advisory

Taxation is a big concern for many high-net-worth individuals and businesses. How to reduce tax liability efficiently and effectively is a key component of any successful financial plan. The Pinnacle View Group team has expert Accountants ready to help our clients with their tax planning concerns and provide solutions to minimize their tax liability and maximize deductions.

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