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Immigration Services


Entrepreneur Immigration - Canada

Whether you are a business veteran or an aspiring entrepreneur, Pinnacle View Group can help make your Canada immigration dream come true through business investment. Canada has different Immigration programs that offer entrepreneurs opportunities to set up their businesses and earn permanent residency status at the same time. Our immigration consultants who are familiar with the Startup Visa and Entrepreneur Provincial Nominations programs can help take care of your immigration application process. In addition, our team of accountants, lawyers, bankers, and other professionals can help you establish the business and set you up for success.

Skilled & Employment Based Immigration - Canada

Whether you are a business veteran or an aspiring entrepreneur, Pinnacle View Group can

Individuals with specific skills have the highest chance of immigration to Canada since the economic based immigration program focuses on finding people with in-demand and employable skills so they can contribute to the Canadian society while being able to enjoy a sustainable and quality life in Canada. However, with over 100,000 applications being processed each year, competition can be extremely fierce. With our highly experienced immigration consultants and well-established business network, Pinnacle View Group can help connect you with employers who are actively seeking to hire from overseas, thus improving the chance of success with your immigration application and may even set you up for long term career success in Canada.

To help job seekers we maintain a hot job list where are we in touch with local Canadian employers who is seeking talent to fill their ranks with high quality candidates from overside, check it out to see if your job is listed and contact us for more details.

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Students Immigration Program – Canada

Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. That’s why every year, many students from all over the world apply to study in Canada. In recent years, Canada has modified its immigration policy, offering graduates more opportunities to look for a job after they completed their education in Canada and eventually apply for immigration. With a strong network of education and business partners, Pinnacle View Group can help map out an end-to-end immigration solution before you even start your student visa application.

Post Immigration Settlement Service - Canada

Getting settled in a new environment is never easy. Many newcomers have difficulty adjusting, sometimes due to cultural and lifestyle differences, sometimes simply because they are overwhelmed by all the tasks and information involved. At Pinnacle View Group, we take care of our immigration clients by providing a comprehensive lifetime settlement care package totally free of charge. We can provide resources and assistance on necessities such as housing, children’s education as well as other immigration related government matters.

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Other Immigration Designation and Programs

While the Pinnacle View Group possesses extensive experience, resources and connections that can help clients who want to immigrate to Canada, our global presence and connections can also help clients access immigration programs for other designations such as USA, Dominican Republic and many other locations across to world.

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