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Your Immigration Dream Coming True...

There has always been a saying “Grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. True or not, the essence of this saying is that we constantly look for a better environment to better our lives. To some, this means immigrating to a new country. Whether you’re looking to improve quality of life, provide better education for your children or broaden development opportunities, you’ll need help to fulfill your immigration dream.

At Pinnacle View Group, we have been providing immigration solutions to families for many years. Our immigration experts can help you find the right destination, guide you through the application process to maximize your chance of success and even assist you during your settlement process.

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About Pinnacle View Group

Established in 2003, Pinnacle View Group is a full-service immigration consultancy firm that has helped thousands of families and individuals settled in a new country.


Applying for immigration can be a very complicated and tedious process. From initial planning, developing a most efficient and safe application plan, preparing and submitting applications, applications follow-up, moving and settlement planning to post-landing support services, Pinnacle View has successfully helped more than a thousand families smoothly immigrated and settled in their desired destinations.


Immigration Services

Immigration can be a complicated process. Our team of experts with professional knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the industry can help you identify the most suitable immigration path, properly assess the application’s situation and offer creative, cost efficient and effective solutions to achieve success.


Property Development

Working in partnership with Alliance Home, a renowned and experienced builder, Pinnacle View Group is a specialty developer focusing on small to medium size projects with high growth potential.


Wealth Management

At Pinnacle View Group , we have designed a range of investment vehicles where the investment capital is secured while yielding a healthy and stable return.



Pinnacle View Group

For General Inquiries:

Suite 102, 140 Allstate Parkway, MarkhamON

L3R 5Y8 Canada

Tel: +1-289-597-8688


Unit 507, 5/F Tower 1,

W MEGA No.252 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong


14A24 Duòng Thão Diën, Phuong Thão Diên,

Thành pho Thu Dúc, TPHCM



Suite K1,

Guangzhou Maritime Building,

308 Binjiangzhong Road,

Haizhu District

Guangzhou PRC


24 Rue Montgallet,

75012 Paris France

Modern City

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