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Lawmakers in New York, where Rep. Anthony Weiner is embroiled in a sexting scandal, are looking at legislation that would allow judges to send teens who send explicit photos to counseling instead of jail if prosecutors agree they meant no harm.

In one case, six Pennsylvania teens faced felony child-pornography charges after police found underage boys swapping nude pictures of female classmates. Three girls were charged with manufacturing and distributing child porn, and three boys were charged with possession. The case ended up in juvenile court, where the teens got community service and curfews.

At last the whole wretched intrigue dramatized itself in one culminatingepisode. It came in the spring. Dr. Nesbit had put on his white linens just asthe trees were in their first gayety of foliage and the spring blooming flowerswere at their loveliest.

Nathan Perry folded the note, and as he put it in his vest pocket he felt theproud beat of his heart. Fifteen minutes later when the convention adjourned fornoon, Nathan and Morty Sands ran plumb into Thomas Van Dorn, sitting in the backroom of the bank, wet eyed and blubbering. The Judge was slumped over the big,shining table, his jaws trembling, his hands fumbling the ink stands and paperweights. His eyes were staring and nervous, and beside him a whiskey bottle andglass told their story. The man rose, holding the table, and shrieked: 59ce067264


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