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Where To Buy A Weighted Blanket In Canada


Initially designed as therapeutic tools for people with autism, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress and sensory disorders, weighted blankets are now gracing the couches and bedrooms of folks who simply like the feel. The science is squishy, but if you find the sensation of lounging under a pile of blankets or an X-ray smock relaxing, a weighted blanket might be worth considering.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Bearaby weighted blanket has a faint synthetic smell right out of the box, which might tempt you to wash it right away. But because its weight comes entirely from the blanket itself, it soaks up lots of water during the wash cycle; our 20-pound blanket turned into a 36-pound one when wet. It took some muscle for us to heave the blanket into the dryer, where we tumble-dried it on low for three cycles before it thoroughly dried, but it emerged in decent shape. (If you have no patience for that kind of thing, you might take a look at the Casaluna blanket, which is less dense and therefore easier to wash and dry.) Also, after one wash the midnight-blue Bearaby blanket we tested lost a bit of its luster.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: As noted above, the Casaluna blanket is available in just one size (50 by 70 inches) and weight (12 pounds). If you prefer more pressure from a weighted blanket, consider one of our other picks, which come in heavier weights.

Occupational therapists were using weighted blankets for kids with autism, ADHD, and sensory issues long before stressed-out or sleepless grown-ups started reaching for them. Children without any of those conditions may find weighted blankets comforting, too.

For the first edition of this guide in 2019, writer Joanne Chen scanned Amazon, bedding sites, and articles on weighted blankets. She also interviewed doctors, therapists, and public-relations folks who specialize in bedding before arriving at the 12 blankets we called in for testing. Except for the Gravity Weighted Blanket, perhaps the best-known name among weighted blankets, we focused on those that could tolerate machine washing. This meant that blankets from many popular mattress brands, including Casper, Helix, and Saatva, did not qualify.

However, if for example, you weigh 130 pounds and your partner weighs 200 pounds, the weighted blanket you choose may be too heavy for you and too light for your partner. Also, note your heights and the size of your bed. The weighted blanket should be able to cover each of your bodies entirely, but should not hang over the side of the mattress.

Generally, you should choose a weighted blanket that is similar to the size of the mattress you or the person you are buying it for to sleep on. For example, if you sleep on a twin or full size mattress, you should buy a weighted blanket that has similar dimensions. The same thing goes for a full or queen mattress.

The fillers inside of a weighted blanket are largely what contributes to its weight. The blankets are made with several different types of fillers. However, the most popular options are plastic poly pellets, micro glass beads, and steel shot beads.

Blanket came fast and the color matched the pictures online. It looks so much nicer than my old weighted blanket. It really does hug your body more, so you feel the weight more than the typical style (which I really like). Happy with my purchase!

I gifted the Yassa weighted blanked to my girlfriend after wanting one for some time. She loves it, and uses it religiously every night. The material is soft, heavy, yet very breathable. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a weighted blanket!

I have bought several of these weighted blankets now. I needed a few colors and enough on hand that when my husband or daughter inevitably takes the one I have been using then I still have one to grab to help me sleep.

I am so obsessed with my weighted blanket. I went on a trip a couple weeks ago and did not bring it with me. This was the first time I had tried sleeping without it since getting it back in January. I did not sleep a wink the first night without it and the second night was hardly any better. I 100% recommend this blanket, but beware, once you get used to it you might rely on it for great sleep.

I wanted nothing to do with beads in my weighted blanket so the knitted design of this blanket is what drew me in. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with this purchase. It feels amazing and has done wonders for my insomnia issue.

I shopped around before deciding on the Yaasa weighted blanket. Ultimately I went with Yaasa for the look and the fiber filling over the bead filled blankets I see everywhere. It was the right choice for me. I have been sleeping with mine every night since getting it.

I have now purchased two weighted blankets. I originally got the Ivory/cream one and I love it so much, and then they came out with more colors! I had to get another and I cant wait for that one. I think I will leave that one on my couch as I sleep with my current blanket.

My weighted blanket is my favorite blanket of all time. This is so comforting. It does feel like I am being held when I swaddle myself in it. This is my go to gift for stressed out loved ones now too.

Adios anxiety! Ok, well not totally, but when I am under my weighted blanket yes. This has been so helpful for me. When I am stressed out I get under it and I start to chill out. It really does work for me.

I am so glad I got one of these before they sold out! I know they are restocking but I just knew they would sell out right away and I NEEDED it. I love my cream 15lb weighted blanket. Would I buy again Yes yes yes. Actually I already have because I ordered one for my mom. Totally beneficial for me. It really helps me quiet my mind.

My weighted blanket is my new favorite thing. Seriously though, I am kind of attached to it at the moment, it has been my go to anxiety relief tool and I really feel grateful to have it right now. I love it, I opted to go heavier than the 10% body weight recommendation because I really like the weighty feel on me and knew I would appreciate the added pressure. It worked for me, but if you are unsure I think doing the 10% of your body weight recommendation is a good call.

What a time for something like this. I enjoy my weighted blanket so much, I bought one for my sister who has been really struggling with anxiety at the moment. I love the feel and the look, I think it is really awesome that it shipped out right away so I did not have to wait long for it.

My boyfriend got me this as a gift and oh my gosh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blanket. I have wanted one for forever and was so happy when he surprised me with this. It is so beautiful. When I was shopping around online I saw a lot of weighted blankets that did not have the knitted look I was going for. I am perfectly comfortable leaving this for all to see on our couch, it is stylish and so comforting.

I have had a weighted blanket before with glass beads inside, but the weight would always shift around and sometimes the blanket would fall off of me. This one stays nicely in place and feels like it is always evenly distributed. It also beautiful to look at. Whenever I have someone over they ask me about it.

This weighted blanket is simply amazing! Not only is it unique in design and aesthetic, the functionality is fantastic. The biggest benefit this weighted blanket has provided me is the refreshed feeling I wake with every morning.

I was a little skeptical if I am going to like a weighted blanket at first, but this design convinced me to buy. I got the cream in 15 lbs in it not only feels great but looks great in my living room. This is a great buy!

After many uses the blanket is still holding him and we are actually purchasing more because she ends up taking this blanket everywhere and I will actually end up purchasing one as well to aid me with my recovery after working out.

Evidence on the effectiveness of weighted blankets is sparse. The gold standard of research is a blind study. Researchers divide participants into groups, with one receiving the study's object and the other receiving a placebo, allowing for unbiased results; this is impossible to achieve with weighted blankets because participants would know if their blanket was weighted. Therefore, current research depends on the "before and after" approach and relies heavily on feedback from participants, which can be biased.

After using the blankets for four weeks, the weighted blanket group experienced a 50% reduction of symptoms compared to 5.4% for the control group. After the initial four weeks, all participants could continue to a 12 month follow up using the blanket of their choice (most chose the weighted blanket), and after one year, 92% indicated their insomnia improved. About 78% were in remission from insomnia.

The number one reason people use weighted blankets is to improve sleep. And based on anecdotal evidence, they work. Some say the blanket feels like a warm hug and lulls them to sleep. But Penn Medicine points out they can also work for people with:

Manufacturers suggest a weighted blanket be about 10% of your body weight; for example, someone weighing 150 pounds might benefit from a blanket weighing 15 pounds. The blanket should not feel so cumbersome that it is unmanageable. However, it should apply pressure. Some people prefer blankets a little less or a little more than 10% of their weight. Unfortunately, experimenting with different weights could mean purchasing several blankets, and they can be quite expensive. General weights for the blankets are 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, or 30 pounds.

When buying for children, it is essential to keep in mind that the beads and pellets inside the blanket could be a choking hazard for young children. The blanket should be light enough for the child to move it or easily take it off but heavy enough to apply pressure. For children less than 50 pounds, talk to your doctor before using a weighted blanket.

Not everyone likes using a weighted blanket. For some, it can trigger feelings of claustrophobia. Others might feel overheated or not enjoy the pressure. Weighted blankets only work if they help relax the person. 59ce067264


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