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Buy Fossil Watches Wholesale

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Our Fossil watches wholesale catalog consists of more than 150 different models. You can find watches with a stainless steel bracelet, leather strap, and even ones that are made of ceramic. Good quality of craftsmanship is instantly noticeable like in other top brand watches, as this is a top priority for keeping their good name alive.

Style of these watches is more classic than anything else. Of course, designers have kept modern tendencies in mind, so youth can enjoy these fashion accessories as well. There are models with bright colors and you can easily find one that will stand out and be the perfect fit both for men and women.

The main growth factor for Fossil was the fashionable designs of their watches. These designer watches gave them great success in the United States and the company entered global markets and made a couple of new product lines.

To review our current Fossil watches wholesale stock models, please Create an Account and visit our Shop page. For more information, feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for a new Fossil watch wholesaler then you have found the best place for wholesale Fossil watches, Whether you are a store, online retailer or a watch shop, you will want Fossil watches as part of your inventory. Fossil watches are a great part of our wholesale catalogue. Their brand and quality is proven by their success in the designer watch market, making them the perfect profitable brand for retailers.

To play on this aesthetic further, the company started packaging their watches in tin cans which lent it a nostalgic edge. To push the envelope further, the watches were also sold in wooden boxes in 1989.

We have over 150 Fossil watch models in our wholesale watch catalogue. Their watches are varied and can be made of a variety of materials like stainless steel, leather or even ceramic. The craftsmanship of Fossil watches is top quality and this is instantly noticeable when holding the watch. This is a top priority for any good fashion brand to keep the trust in their name.

Most of their watches use electronic quartz movements that work using a battery. This makes them very reliable and popular, as most watch companies use the same movements. Usually the batteries will need replacing every 2 years.

Fossil provide very durable cases made of stainless steel, with crystal mineral faces which give a very clear face. Water-resistance varies from 5-10 bars (50-100 meters) across different models. Both Arabic and Roman numerals are used in their designs on Fossil wholesale watches.

A selection of models from Fossil add the premium funtion of the watch mechanism being visible. With this in mind, you can find the uncovered mechanisms through the face or back. This helps showcase how intricate and detailed watches are even as fashion accessories.

What started as a humble wholesale business is now a diverse portfolio of world-class brands, creating traditional watches, wearables powered by Google, one-of-a-kind handbags, jewelry and small leather goods like nobody else.

Fossil is a popular fashion brand that has a demand in the branded watch market. By providing quality along with topical designs they won the hearts of people worldwide. This is why many watch retailers (including online stores) have made a place for Fossil watches in their stock. If you are a retailer looking for a trustworthy Fossil Watches Wholesale distributor, you are in luck. At we specialize in wholesale designer watches B2B solutions, and we have over 10 years of experience in the industry. If you also would like to add this brand to your stock, please create an account and enjoy the best Fossil Watches Wholesale deals in the market.

Fossil cooperates with other brands that share their vision for design and novelty. Fossil Group is licensed to manufacture watches for such popular fashion brands as Michael Kors, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Diesel, Marc Jacobs, etc.

The minimum order value is only 400 EUR. Sample order is possible. Our clients benefit from our friendly price system and worldwide shipping. You can also get rewarded for buying the goods in bulk watches.

Fossil watches are built using several high-quality materials that are commonly used in the watchmaking industry. These timepieces are mostly built from stainless steel. Straps can be made of stainless steel or genuine leather. There are models that have silicone bands as well. Watch face is protected with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal.

Mainly the power source of these watches is a battery-powered quartz movement. These are very popular among customers due to reliability, precision as well as the fact that they require little maintenance. Along with quartz movements, Fossil watches are also built with automatic movements. Feel free to learn more about watch movements.

You are welcome to choose from over 200 models in our Fossil watches wholesale catalog, and you can rest assured you will find something to satisfy any need when it comes to luxury fashion accessories.

If you choose direct delivery, we will do our best to get the Fossil watches wholesale goods to you in about 12 business days. However, if you wish to make your life easier, we can take care of the customs clearance. All you need to do is select the European Freight Forwarding service option at the checkout (EU countries), and we will do the rest. Contact us with any questions.

The Fossil Outlet store in Miami, FL has the watches, bags and accessories you need to begin each season organized and right on trend. Known for our modern spin on classic vintage details, our watches are a timeless addition to any wardrobe. For great connectivity, shop online for our assortment of refurbished smart watches is sure to be your new favorite assistant.

Our location in Miami is your go-to stop for more than just watches! Offering gift sets, jewelry, and more, your local Fossil Outlet store at Dolphin Mall is here as your one-stop-shop for all things accessories and gifts. 59ce067264


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