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Buy Virtual Phone Number Sms

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Local dedicated numbers were designed for the local market.This means that you can send and receive SMS messages from local numbers, not globally. TextMagic offers dedicated numbers in over 30 countries.

The auto-recharge feature will automatically top up your TextMagic SMS account every time your balance falls below a set amount. Activating this feature will ensure that you never lose your virtual mobile number.

A virtual number is a cloud number that has no physical SIM card and is not tied to a specific device or location. An important feature of our online service is that our virtual numbers can only receive SMS but not send them.

It happens that you can not get a number the first time. Use our bot in the telegram. You do not need to request the number several times, it will be received by itself only by one of your clicks. Go here.

Yes, you can get a free number in our Telegram Channel and test our service without a deposit. But be aware that all toll-free numbers are public and anyone can read your text messages.You can also check our special page for free numbers.

This is a full-fledged local, mobile, landline, number for abroad usage, which belongs to a certain country and is owned by a person, so actually it is represented by inbound call forwarding. Usually, all calls are forwarded to a landline, cell phone or SIP. There are such VoIP phone numbers as for calls, fax, SMS, toll free, multichannel, free DID number.

If a provider can give us a list of numbers, then you can pick a number. If not, a random number will be connected. If you want to get a phone number, please, write a ticket and then we could send you a list of all possible numbers.

No, we do not give virtual numbers for a trial. All services are tested and function well, so there is no need in doubts about their quality. In case you need trial period, write to our technical department.

Each attached number contains a certain amount of inbound channels, usually it depends on a country, which phone number is attached to. Detailed info about the directions you can get from our support service.

One of the multichannel virtual numbers is represented by PRI number, which has 30 channels, so it means, it can receive 30 incoming calls simultaneously. In case of need, the number of channels can be increased.

An online SMS number stands as a versatile solution to cope with multiple purposes. This option blurs borders between states and allows sending messages to friends and relatives worldwide. Due to this solution, users can forget about mills of wires, SIM cards, and physical hardware.

If you want to buy online SMS number, you need to find a trusted service provider first. The Internet is full of offers from online platforms. We are a trustworthy service provider that has a wide assortment of SMS phone numbers belonging to over 40 countries all over the globe. If you want to become our client, you should go through the following steps:

The geographical coverage is huge. We offer virtual phone numbers for SMS receiving via over 40 states located throughout the globe. We embrace different geographical regions, including Australian, European, American, Asian, and African.

You do not need any special documentation to obtain a toll-free, mobile, local, US, UK & Canada virtual phone number. However, you need to submit your documents for verification while purchasing virtual phone numbers from other countries. The document requirements depends on the country and number type. So find out the required documents for any specific country, please visit our country coverage page.

Yes, a virtual phone number behaves exactly like a regular phone number. Physical or a traditional phone system requires a dedicated telephony hardware device and a wired connection to function whereas in the case of virtual phone system, you can use telephony features on your phone, PC, desktop or any other device with good internet connection.

There are many cloud telephony service providers tha


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