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Easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site with The Events Calendar free plugin. Whether your events are in-person or virtual events, this WordPress calendar plugin boasts professional features backed by our world-class team of developers and designers.

In other words, Events Calendar Pro runs alongside The Events Calendar and enhances it with extra features, including recurring events, additional calendar views, calendar shortcodes, advanced widgets, custom event fields and more.

This is available with the Community Events add-on to facilitate submissions. Install Community Events alongside The Events Calendar and a page will be added to your WordPress site with a form that visitors can use to submit events. As the calendar owner, you have full control over whether event submissions are published immediately or require moderation first.

In other words, Events Calendar Pro runs alongside The Events Calendar and enhances it with extra features, including recurring events and event Series, additional calendar views, calendar shortcodes, advanced widgets, custom event fields, a duplicate event tool, and more.

Are you looking for an offline calendar app that makes organizing and customizing simple and usable anywhere If yes, then own Simple Calendar Pro to meet that need. This is a modern offline calendar application based on the changes of the old calendar, not only modern in terms of layout, but it also has fundamental changes that add more fun to the user. Own this utility application right away to have your own more reasonable timetable.

With today, more short-term and long-term plans are proposed, creating for yourself reminders in the calendar will increase accuracy and make us not take time to remember. In this application, there are good wishes and creative ideas that make it more vivid. Whether creating a simple appointment or reporting on upcoming important dates, Simple Calendar can take care of this responsibility.

It is incredibly easy to use and makes it simple for you to check your agenda, and schedule meetings, and appointments. You can remind yourself about any agenda you need to remember. The 2021 calendar widget with reminders is very easy to use. This 2021 calendar with reminders widget is incredibly easy to use. You can view all events as a list, so you always know what's up and how to plan it.

Informant 5 from Fanatic Software is a combination calendar, tasks, and notes management app. You can add new events easily with Natural Language processing, while viewing as much or as little information on your screen as you like.

Wave is a free calendar app for Android and iOS. As far as features go, Wave delivers the basics. This includes seeing your events in a day, week, week-agenda, month, mega-month and list view, color-coding events, and syncing with with your Google, Exchange, Outlook, and Facebook calendars.

The app comes with multiple calendar views (Day, Week, Month, Taks, or Agenda), Natural Language input, and the ability to create recurring events. You can also attach files, share your calendars with others, link contacts to events, and receive reminders via email, pop-up, and SMS.

For iOS, Fantastical 2 from Flexbits is arguably one of the best calendar apps to download. It works with the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch. It also comes equipped with features like 3D Touch and Force Touch. This means events and reminders will be pushed directly to your wrist.

If you are creating a calendar for an organization or to plan your family's vacation(s) this year, you will want a place to list important events. The Notes area to the side of this template allows you to make a list of specific events.

All of our theme-enabled calendar templates let you choose the start month, so even though all of them can be used to create a school year calendar, this design is particularly popular for schools. You can include the name of your school at the top and list the important events in


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