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The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far

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Day 3781 - Aaron, Rosita, Judith, and Mary head to Hilltop, as do Daryl and Lydia, who was unable to kill her mother Alpha, after the latter tends to his wounds. Ezekiel and Carol follow suit. Meanwhile, Alpha's Whisperers treat her own wounds, causing her to feel stronger than ever. Alpha and the Whisperers set fire to Hilltop and scatter the survivors. Yumiko discovers Magna, very much alive, walking among the horde and covered in Walker guts. At Bloodsworth, Michonne hallucinates thanks to the drugged food she's given, but eventually manages to escape captivity with fellow prisoners, even deciding to spare Virgil.

Developed by filmmaker Frank Darabount in 2010 for AMC TV, The Walking Dead quickly became the number one franchise for the cable network. The show followed the story arcs of the comics somewhat faithfully, starting with sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who survives a gunshot wound that puts him in a coma. When we wakes up the world he knew is gone. In this new world, the dead rise as flesh-eating walkers and Rick embarks on a journey to find his family and lead them to safety.

"Maggie is very close to my heart and I'm excited to continue her journey against the iconic backdrop of New York City, alongside my friend and collaborator, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Eli Jorné has created something incredibly special and I cannot wait for the fans to see what we have in store for Maggie and Negan."

Morgan added in his own statement: "I'm delighted that Negan and Maggie's journey continues. It's been such a ride walking in Negan's shoes, I'm beyond excited to continue his journey in New York City with Lauren.

The spin-off was revealed at The Walking Dead's San Diego Comic-Con panel and looks to "continue the journey and love story" of Rick Grimes and Michonne. AMC is saying the series will "begin with six episodes in 2023," potentially leaving the door open for this being more than a mini-series.

"My scene partner, Wawa, is just so extraordinary," the actress enthuses. "He was just such a generous, beautiful actor and person. And our director, Heather [Cappiello], was just so wonderful at creating that arc and that journey. Sometimes those two handers are the funnest and best way to explore those dynamics. You really get to be in the nitty gritty of it. And I think it's been a long time coming to finally see Alicia, believe in herself."

The third addition to The Walking Dead franchise is unique in that it's a limited two-season run consisting of 20 episodes total. World Beyond focuses on the first generation coming of age in the apocalypse. They were the lucky ones, relatively speaking, living in sheltered existence until they decide to leave Nebraska and set off east on their epic quest. When trouble befalls their father, two young sisters, Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Hope (Alexa Mansour), begin an impossible journey accompanied by two friends from inside their colony, Silas (Hal Cumpston) and Elton (Nicolas Cantu), who have their own motivations for going along. Huck (Annet Mahendru) and Felix (Nico Tortorella), members of the colony's security force who are a little older and more experienced than the heroes, also join the journey. Chased by walkers and adults alike and facing the real world for the first time, these teens will finally find out what they're made of.

10 . The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a five-part game series that has been released incrementally throughout the past months. Based on the award-winning comic book series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead is an eerie journey taken through the eyes of a convicted criminal who has been given a second chance at life in a world that has been left devastated by the undead scourge. A fantastic work of art that has to be experienced to be believed.

5 Far Cry 3. Beyond the reach of civilization lies a lawless island ruled by violence. This is where you find yourself stranded, caught in a bloody conflict between psychotic warlords and indigenous rebels. Encou


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