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Subtitle The Golden Compass


Mrs. Coulter, a wealthy "friend" of the college, invites Lyra to stay with her in London. The Master of the college entrusts Lyra with her uncle's alethiometer, a compass-like artefact that reveals the truth, warning her to keep it secret. Kidnappers called "Gobblers" have been abducting children, including Lyra's friend Roger and Billy Costa, a young Gyptian. Lyra discovers Mrs. Coulter is head of the General Oblation Board, realising they are the Gobblers, and she and Pan escape when Mrs. Coulter's dæmon attempts to steal the alethiometer.

Suppose you are reviewing a book whose title on the cover is in capital letters: THE STUFF OF THOUGHT. Beneath, in smaller capital letters, is the subtitle, LANGUAGE AS A WINDOW INTO HUMAN NATURE. All sides would agree that the main title should be written, The Stuff of Thought. But depending on which capitalization policy you choose, the subtitle might be any of the following:

The subtitle of the book 'What mathematics can teach us about the mind' is discussed in the last chapter.Here Byers summarizes once more what he discussed in the previous chapters.The working of the human mind has been illustrated almost solely withexamples from mathematics. This resulted in the penultimate chapterin a reflection of what mathematics really is.In the last chapter he generalizes these conclusions: what holds in amathematical context is also true in a broader context.

It is philosophy, yes, but of a very understandable kind,certainly for mathematicians, who will recognize from their own teaching experiencemany of the problems exposed by the examples given in the book.As a side remark, just one flow: on page 52-53 the golden mean is placed in the same category as pi of important numbers that are not constructible, but the golden mean is constructible in the Greek sense with straightedge and compass.

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