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RealRTCW Download PC Game


RealRTCW is a free modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.RealRTCW is based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player GNU GPL Source Code.Store art based on original game promo arts made by TODD HART DESIGN for ID Software.

In addition to that Yoshik also provided a fantastic German Shepherd model - so prepare to meet those in the game too! New enemies are optional and can be turned off/on separately through the menu.

All translations were made with the usage of improved key-value based system, which allows translators to easily translate the game by simply editing text files! All files what you need to localize are now located in z_realrtcw_localization.pk3

Settings seem to completely break after a short time playing the campaign. Many settings now say waiting for new key... press escape to cancel, and seem to not work at all. Also for whatever reason the game wont let me autosave all of a sudden. Says game mode doesn't allow it even though I'm just playing the basic campaign.

Very good mod! The additional weapons and the awesome ports from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory make a various and funny gameplay!! Recomended to all skilled players of Rtcw, you can not get bored with new AI.

RealRTCW Free Download PC Game in Direct Link and Torrent. Released on October 15, 2020, RealRTCW is an overhaul mod for critically acclaimed Wolfenstein classic. RealRTCW download free full version for pc with direct links.

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The support of the Russian language and the workshop deserves special praise. The author of the mod not only shoveled the main campaign but also most of the custom ones and ported them to RealRTCW! And this is damn COOL! You can go to the workshop and download the Gates of Time, Project 51, Trondheim Trilogy, Stalingrad, and so on.

This Return To Castle Wolfenstein mod includes the RTCWHQ pack (vanilla textures upscaled by AI for those who prefer original style and atmosphere of the game) and the Splatterladder RtCW HD Pack (a pack with true HD textures made by WolfRTCW.)

The main goal of this mod is to make the RtCW singleplayer missions a bit more realistic and challenging. This mod is not for newcomers, it is for experienced RtCW players who now find the vanilla version of the game easy to complete.

WolfETPlayer: New Order was decent. Old Blood had cute little RTCW nods, but it was too short and flawed in terms of gameplay and level design. Never finished TNC and Youngblood. I wish the series returned to RTCW/Wolfenstein 2009 ideas. Those games had such a great adventure movie feeling. Something similar to Indiana Jones franchise and old war movies like "Where Eagles Dare".

WolfETPlayer: Initially RealRTCW was just a private skin pack I made for myself to replay RTCW from time to time. At some point I decided to mess with the source code and unite widescreen patch and new weapons patch into one entity. To my surprise it worked. After that I messed with various engine and AI stuff just to made a game more challenging for myself (I was bored with vanilla). So that was RealRTCW 1.0. It was just a hardcore version of RTCW with widescreen support and MP44 as a new weapon. I think with 3.0 update and followed by the Steam release, the project changed it's direction and became a proper community remaster. I got rid of the most unbalanced changes I made just for fun in early versions and tried to create something visually and audibly holistic.

WolfETPlayer: I'd say RealRTCW is extremely good for the second playthrough just to appreciate it even more. There is also Vanilla Plus module we made for RealRTCW. It basically reverts most of the gameplay changes, removes new models and sounds but keeps the improved engine


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