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Where To Buy Magazines


Where To Buy Magazines

Palmetto State Armory IS NOT shipping the 30 round+ magazines at this time to California, once you order, they will hold it until the ban is actually lifted just FYI. I ordered some in August, charged me, and now holding my magazines. Attempting to get a refund at the moment, my other gun buddies were able to get theirs elsewhere. Fare warning to Californians, stay away from PSA for now.

Thanks! BTW I have found another site currently shipping to California: E. Arthur Brown Company ( Their inventory is more limited, but they have a few things that doesn't have in stock (like Ruger BX-15 magazines for a 10/22 rifle).

Thank you Pew Pew for using the correct terminology! So many articles even in conservative magazines are using the left's lingo, (extended, high capacity, increased capacity). We can allow ourselves to use their fanciful terms!

The only way I could see this affecting Massachusetts is if the California government tries to take it higher and it goes to the Supreme Court where (hopefully) it gets reaffirmed as unconstitutional and then made the law of the land.Otherwise I can't see how.

Hello everyone my name is Jonathan and I just wanted to join in on this conversation just to get some updates. I work at a gun store in California. I just wanted to add to this conversation and let everyone know be very cautious about this because us being a firearm vendor we usually get updates on any changes on firearms laws when we usually get them right away. but the thing is we haven't gotten any updates on letting us know if there's been any changes from what info we have accumulated it's legal to buy extended round magazines but there has not been any confirmation on if you're able to use them or not. so I just want to let my fellow gun owners know be cautious around the subject at the moment it's a little early to tell what the actual truth is. yes I do understand that a lot of the news outlets are saying their legal again but that does not mean they're legal to use it might mean they're only legal to buy and that is something that California has done in the past. So my recommendations just be cautious do your research and have fun!

Congratulations Californians. I can't wait to see where this goes. Whether the decisions stands, and becomes the defacto law of the land, or ends up at SCOTUS, and then really becomes the law of the land (fingers crossed), this is a great step in the right direction. And my understanding is that the Judge's written decision was very thorough and scholarly, removing a lot of room for future debate on the matter. I have always kept 2 10rd mags for the occasions that I visit CA, so at least I could have something. If all goes well, I look forward to framing them, and hanging them on the wall, to serve as a reminder to my kids and grandkids to never let this happen again.

I ordered some Big Sticks from Palmetto and standard capacity g19 mags as well. It is a freaking beautiful day to be a Californian! Also got a 50rd Drum for 9mm and 12rd g26 mags as well. drum has the drums and also has mags too.

Japanese fashion magazines are a great medium to gain inspiration for personal fashion and beauty. These magazines are readily available almost everywhere in Japan. Purchasing these magazines outside Japan may be a little tricky but completely doable.

As a general rule, Japanese fashion magazines can be directly purchased from the magazine company but can also be purchased on Amazon Japan. Amazon Japan has more than 2000 men's and women's fashion magazines. Japanese magazines cover fashion from gothic lolita to high-end.

Japan, one of the most innovative countries in fashion, naturally has a vast number of fashion magazines that cater to a large audience. There are so many different subcultures, each with its own style, all of which also have their own publications. Most magazines are printed on quality paper, and some fashion and beauty magazines will even include little gifts just for their readers.

Japanese magazines cover all types of modern Japanese fashion, from street fashion such as gothic lolita to high-end fashion. Sometimes, subscriptions are available as well. Get the latest news about fashion, beauty, and makeup trends straight to your door.

Unlike many modern countries, Japan still has many magazine readers. The reason for that may be cute packaging or little gifts that you get inside. There are many kinds of fashion magazines in Japan. It can get tough to choose from since there are magazines for teens to audiences in their 50s and 60s. There are also many men's fashion magazines.

Magazines are present everywhere in Japan - you can find them at the hairdressers, beauty salons, dentist's, or even at the hospitals in the waiting rooms. Many magazines also have beauty tutorials with makeup palettes that come with the magazine!

Select the Male fashion/lifestyle or Female fashion/lifestyle. To find the magazines you want quickly, use the filters on the left side. For example, the magazines can be filtered by publication frequency, title, and publisher.

Also, keep in mind that shipping and handling can also be pretty high. If you don't want to pay that much for shipping or plan to subscribe to a magazine for at least a year, we highly suggest you take advantage of our service to buy the magazines. On top of high shipping and handling fee, some sellers may not ship to your country.

We have a wide variety of magazines and books. If you have clicked on the link, all you have to do is type in "magazine" with whatever kind of magazine you prefer! On top of the easy search, item descriptions are automatically translated for you!

If you find that we don't have the latest edition or release No problem! Most Japanese magazines don't ship outside of Japan. But, if you've found the magazine you want, all you need to do is copy the URL and paste it into our search bar, and you can add it to your cart!

Large capacity ammunition magazines are a common thread in many high-profile mass shootings in the United States. Because shooters with such magazines can fire at large numbers of people without taking the time to reload, those in the line of fire do not have a chance to escape, law enforcement does not have the chance to intervene, and the number of lives shattered by acts of gun violence increases dramatically.

While large capacity magazines are typically associated with semi-automatic assault weapons or machine guns, such devices can be used with any semi-automatic firearm that accepts a detachable magazine, including handguns.

The time a shooter takes to reload his weapon can be critical in enabling victims to escape and law enforcement or others to intervene. When shooters have high capacity magazines, more bullets can be fired before this crucial time period for escape or other intervention.

In addition to their role in mass shootings, firearms equipped with large capacity magazines significantly contribute to crime across the country. Alarmingly, data suggests that the use of firearms with large capacity magazines in crime has substantially increased since the expiration of the federal assault weapons and large capacity magazine ban in 2004.

A growing body of research shows that banning high-capacity magazines can help to prevent gun violence. In particular, studies have found that the federal ban on large capacity magazines helped to prevent violence and the use of high-capacity magazines in crime during the 10 years in which it was in effect.

Despite these limitations, evidence indicates that the federal ban worked to reduce the use of large capacity magazines in crime. A Washington Post study analyzed data kept by the Virginia State Police and found a clear decline in the percentage of crime guns that were equipped with large capacity ammunition magazines after the federal ban was enacted.15 The percentage reached a low of 10% in 2004 and then steadily climbed after Congress allowed the ban to expire; by 2010, the percentage was close to 22%.16

Similarly, since the end of the federal ban, the Los Angeles Police Department has recovered significantly greater numbers of large capacity ammunition magazines, from 38 in 2003 to anywhere from 151 to 940 each year between 2004 and 2010.17

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that generally ban the sale, manufacture, and other commerce or conduct with large capacity ammunition magazines. Those states are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Four of these states (DE, RI, OR, and WA) enacted these laws in 2022 and Illinois did so in January 2023. A majority of these jurisdictions also strongly regulate the sale and manufacture of assault weapons, which are commonly equipped with large-capacity magazines.

California, Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York have the most comprehensive prohibitions, banning possession, manufacture, and transfer (including sale) of large capacity magazines.35 New Jersey allows possession of large capacity magazines by a person who has registered a legacy assault weapon and uses the magazine in connection with competitive shooting matches sanctioned by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship of the US Department of the Army.36

Other states ban various combinations of activities related to large capacity magazines. For instance, Colorado, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia ban possession and transfer; Maryland bans manufacture and transfer; and Connecticut bans distribution, importation, purchase, transfer, and possession.

State laws that ban the possession of large capacity ammunition magazines vary in their approach to large capacity magazines already in the possession of private individuals at the time a ban was adopted. 59ce067264


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