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Playful skis are easy to maneuver, and are generally more flexible and forgiving. They excel in trees, bumps, and on side hits. For some skiers, they may leave something to be desired when making big fast turns.

Demanding skis are confidence inspiring at speed, especially when carving bigger turns. They excel at hard snow carving and big mountain ripping. For some skiers, they may leave something to be desired when making short quick turns.

A demo ski is a used ski that comes with a mounted binding that can be adjusted to any boot size. Demo skis typically come from demo fleets or programs, whether on the mountain, in a mountain town shop, or from the manufacturer.

Some skis are paired with bindings while others are not. If a ski does not come with bindings, they must be purchased separately, as bindings are required to use a ski. We have a large selection of bindings available. When you select a ski you will see compatible bindings.

Fitting cross country skis is different then fitting alpine skis. Instead of fitting the ski by height, the skis that we carry are fit by weight. Check the charts below to see which size you need. Still have questions Don't hesitate to give us a call at (877) 812-6710 and let us help you.

HI Sean! I think a lot depends on what else you have or are planning to get. I'm 6/2 225 and I'd choose the 185 AR if I had zero skis. I think the AX has a lot going for it too, but at my weight, I like more surface area underfoot. I'd recommend a good 100-105 underfoot ski for soft snow days to complement either--we're only talking 5mm underfoot, it's not a huge difference. Have fun!SE

Hi Breege! I do not see them coming in shorter lengths for the AR skis. As far as other brands are concerned, check out Kastle MX83 (161), Volkl Deacon 84 (162), Head Superhsape Titan (156 or 163), Fischer RC One 82 GT (159), or a few Elan's that may be interesting: Wingman 82/86 CTi, or Wildcat 82/86 CX. Hope that helps!SE

So I am getting close to pulling the trigger on these AR's. With the hefty price tag, I want to make sure I am getting it right. I have been on the Enforcer 93's for 5 seasons, skiing the 185's. I have absolutely loved them, definitely my favorite skis ever. But with around 150 days on them, they're losing their pop and wearing down. I am a 30 day/yr east coast skier with a single trip to Utah annually. 50 years old, 6'1", 183 lbs. Still skiing aggressive on piste. Not skiing bumps anymore when I can avoid it, but I'll sacrifice my body to get into the trees and deep when out West. We have a lot of ice and variable conditions up here in upstate NY though. I was tempted to be lazy and just move to the new Enforcer 94's, but I am seeing way too much good about these Montaro's to not strongly consider them. Definitely open to just renting on my annual UT trips if conditions call for it. But for the other 30 days, what do you recommend and what size

HI Josh! The AR is more of that front-side option, so I'd say it's a better overall choice than the Enforcer 94 for where you're at in NY. I'd go with the AR in the 180 and skip a few dinners out in order to help defray the cost. They're fantastic skis.SE

Hi - I'm about to pull the trigger on new skis after 10 years. Been looking hard at the ARs. I'm 45, 5'10 and 190 lbs. I ski mostly out east (occasionally out west) and spend most of my time on trail. I'm an advanced (but not expert) skier, who skis relatively aggressively. Would you recommend the 170s or 175s

For these skis, I'd venture to guess you'd put me in 170 cms for my 5'9 205 build. SR88s you told me I could do 175 but not to ignore 166 cms (which I took as you recommending the shorter ski, which I am hesitant to do).

HI Curt! The great thing about Stockli, and the AR in particular, is that it has a big range of speeds in which the ski acts appropriately. From low speed controlled turns all the way to top speed GS arcs, the AR is about as cool and composed as it gets. I would say 170 in the AR is a gre


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