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Victoria Woodhull, who came from a family of travelling performers and was herself a "spiritualist," became a hugely popular speaker in the suffrage movement and one of the few public advocates of "free love." She gave this speech in New York's Steinway Hall in November 1871 to a capacity crowd of 3,000 people. Before she spoke she was introduced by the popular minister, Theodore Tilton who said, "it may be that she is a fanatic. It may be that I am a fool. But before high Heaven I would rather be both fanatic and fool in one, than be such a coward as would deny this woman the sacred right of free speech." As she spoke, observers recorded that the crowd "burst into wild applause and cries of 'Hurrah,' but as Woodhull was heckled from the audience by her own sister with questions: "Are you a free lover" She grew passionate in her responses, and the audience began hissing. You can see her answer to that provocative question at the end of the excerpt here. Despite the attacks on Woodhull in the press following the speech, Elizabeth Cady Stanton of NWSA said, "Shall we ignore a champion like this ...Admit for the sake of argument that she has been or is a courtesan in sentiment and practice. When a woman of this class shall suddenly devote herself to the study of the grave problems of life...shall we not welcome her ot the better place she desires to hold" ...for more on Woodhull see Barbara Goldsmith, _Other Powers: The Age of Suffrage, Spiritualism, and the Scandalous Victoria Woodhull_ NY: Harper, 1998

I am confident that the development of this movement will impart to women such a sense of strength and courage, and their corporate self-respect will so increase, that such theatrical bills as we not see displayed will be not permitted for an hour, without our potent protest; and the exhibitions of women's forms and faces in the saloons and cigar stores, which women's self-respect will never let them enter, and the disgraceful literature now for sale on so many public newsstands, will not be tolerated by the womanhood of any town or city. An " Anatomical Museum" that I often pass on a Chicago street bears the words: "Gentlemen only admitted." Why do women passively accept these flaunting assumptions that men are expected to derive pleasures from objects that they would not for a moment permit their wives to see Someday women will not accept them passively, and then these base exhibitions will cease, for women will purify every place they enter, and they will enter every place. Catholic and Protestant women would come to a better understanding of each other through working thus for mutual interests; Jew and Gentile would rejoice in the manifold aims of a practical Christianity; women who work because they must; women, true-souled enough to work because they ought, or, best of all, great-souled enough to work because they love humanity, will all meet on one broad platform large enough and strong enough to furnish standing room for all. Later on, who knows but that by means of this same Council we women might free ourselves from that stupendous bondage which is the basis of all others-the unhealthfulness of fashionable dress! "Courage is as contagious as cowardice," and the courage of a council of women may yet lead us into the liberty of a costume tasteful as it is reasonable, and healthful as it is chaste. Another practical outcome that might be looked for from such a confederation of women's efforts in religious and philanthropic, educational and industrial work, might be the establishment in every town and city of headquarters for women's work of every kind...

* * But it be remembered that until woman comes to her kingdom physically she will never really come at all. Created to be well and strong and beautiful, she long ago "sacrificed her constitution, and has ever since been living on her by-laws." She has made of herself an hour-glass, whose sands of life pass quickly by. She has walked when she should have run, sat when she should have walked, reclined when she should have sat. She has allowed herself to become a mere lay-figure upon which any hump or hoop or farthingale could be fastened that fashion-mongers chose; and ofttimes her head is a mere rotary ball upon which milliners may let perch whatever they please-be it bird of paradise or beast or creeping thing. She has bedraggled her senseless long skirts in whatever combination of filth the street presented, submitting to a motion the most awkward and degrading known to the entire animal kingdom, for nature has endowed all others that carry trains and trails with the power of lifting them without turning in their tracks, but a fashionable woman pays lowliest obeisance to what follows in her own wake; and, as she does so, cuts the most grotesque figure outside a jumping-jack. She is a creature born to the beauty and freedom of Diana, but she is swathed by her skirts, splintered by her stays, bandaged by her tight waist, and pinioned by her sleeves until-alas, that I should live to say it!-a trussed turkey or a spitted goose are her most appropriate emblems.

A lady reporter tells us that she had the curiosity to ask the weight of a bead-trimmed suit, and found it greater than the maximum weight carried by soldiers in our late war, "including accoutrements, ammunition, and all." She reports the present situation as follows: "No pockets, no free use of the lower limbs for her who is in style, and they say that skirts are to be lengthened-already they must touch the floor; that trains are coming back, and-perhaps-hoops!" In conclusion, this sensible woman suggests that "a committee of our most capable and honored sisters be chosen and instructed to give us a costume for walking and for working."

An old Quaker lady, in the time of the crusade, went with a young woman into a rum-shop. The saloon-keeper looked at them and said: "What have you women come up here for" and an old lady of fourscore years looked up and said gently: "I will tell thee what I came here for. Thee knows I had five sons and many grandsons; thee knows that here at thy counter more than one of my boys tasted his first glass; thee knows that more than one of them has gone to the drunkard's grave, and one by the suicide's knife; and can't thee let his mother lay her Bible down on thy counter, where her boy took that glass, and read to thee these words of God: 'Woe unto him who putteth the bottle to his neighbor's lips'" That is what we have here in America in the rum-shops, something that devastates the places we care most for, ruins the destinies of those we love best, have borne most for, and would shield with most of tenderness. And we want to say just this: We believe that we can do something about it. This is one thing we are going to do: we are going to carry the Gospel to the drinking class, the class that is most beyond the pulpit's influence of any class. If we make an advance all along the line, upon a body so numerous we must call out the reserve force of the Church; and you know two-thirds of the church members are women, and we must call them out; they have had the most in jeopardy; they have suffered the most, and will put forth the most earnest efforts in this work. Then another thing: women as a class, and the women of the wealthier class, and those of the middle class, are not so worn out and tugged out all their lives with care and anxiety as men; they have more leisure. That is something that will bear demonstration.

Way Stations page 51 isitc of the English. You had a saying that, years ago, touched the imagination of the world. "No slave," your fathers said, "could breathe in English air." The moment one of our unfranchised negroes set foot upon your soil, that instant he stood forth free. 59ce067264


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