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FE Attack Cat Script

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FE Attack Cat Script

(The mysterious mage pushes back the lid of the tomb. He pulls out a sword. Byleth charges and attacks. The sword is thrown out of the mage's hands. Byleth catches it. The mage prepares a magical attack. Byleth unthinkingly uses the sword to block the attack, and the sword begins to glow with power.)

(Byleth throws aside his or her other sword and faces the mage, who retreats. Cornered, the mage prepares a magical attack. Byleth overpowers and defeats the mage. As he or she stand by the tomb, he or she ponder the magical sword. There is an empty space in the pommel where something appears to be missing.)

Start off by upgrading the Worker Cat twice, then as Mistress Celeboodle comes out, lure her close to the Cat Base before sending out meatshields. Send Li'l Macho Legs Cats whenever possible. With the money received from Celeboodles, upgrade your Worker Cat to level 4 or 5 (no higher) while continuing to spawn Li'l Macho Legs and meatshields. As the second Mistress Celeboodle dies, spawn Valkyrie (or a similar attacker). You should have a decent stack of Li'l Macho Legs by now. Continue spamming Li'l Macho Legs and meatshields until the third Mistress Celeboodle dies, but be more conservative in order to save money for Awakened Bahamut. When Nimoy Bore reaches your meatshield wall, spawn Awakened Bahamut. Continue with Li'l Macho Leg and meatshield spam. Spawn Catdam when you are able. With some luck, the Bore will be knocked back enough to allow for victory.

Cat Machine is an Uber Rare Cat that can be obtained by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during The Dynamites event. True Form added in Version 5.6 increases health, range, attack rate and movement speed and gains the ability to block Wave Attacks.

Cat Machine's main assets are its gargantuan attack power and health. Against most Red and unstarred Aliens enemies, its resistance will make for a near-indestructible wall. Its damage can be put to good use as long as you don't abuse knockback since it might miss its attack. Furthermore, Cat Machine's low range may only allow it to serve as a barrier for wave enemies to strike at, which is not beneficial to your Cats unless you plan to support it with additional wave-immune units.

In Normal and Evolved Form, it is in truth nothing but a mediocre tanker that is slower than average. Relying on its damage is hard as well because of its long animation and backswing, which will make it stop to attack the ground behind all of the cats that need to be protected.

Cat Machine Mk 3 is invaluable for its ability to not only be immune to Wave Attacks, but to protect units behind as well with its resistance to both Alien and Red enemies. Combined with its resistances, Cat Machine Mk 3 can become a near-indestructible wall against Berserkory, Elizabeth the LVIth, Two Can, Youcan. However, be wary of its short range: unless constantly protected, Cat Machine may be hit by their initial attack anyways. One must also account for certain Starred Aliens, as their warp ability can easily nullify Cat Machine's protection.

The first two forms had a bad combination of sluggish movement speed and a long attack animation, but in True Form, Cat Machine's movement speed is perfect for an Uber with a long attack animation. Mk 1 and Mk 2 have a bad habit of lagging behind your meatshields and don't catch up to a knocked-back enemy before your other attackers do. Mk 3 is more diligent so it can reliably arrive at the scene in time when it is needed. Once it fires a shot at its victim to knock it back, Mk 3 can catch up to it before your other attackers do. But even so, it still sometimes lags behind because of its long attack.

A note to readers: The code samples included within this blog post may trigger alerts from your security software. Please note that this does not indicate an infection or an attack; rather, it is a notification that the code could be malicious if it were live.

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